The Arts Chorale of Greater Lansing is celebrating its 37th year as a choral ensemble, performing primarily in the greater Lansing area. Dr. Dale Bartlett, Professor Emeritus of the Michigan State University School of Music, has been conductor of the Chorale since 1983.

The membership of the ACGL is comprised of individuals who represent a wide variety of professional backgrounds and includes residents from Lansing, East Lansing, and other surrounding communities. Performing two major concerts each year, the music of the 55+ member Arts Chorale showcases a variety of musical styles and periods, which include the works of Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Dvorak, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Vivaldi, Rutter, Sweelinck, Britten, Copland, Durufle, Effinger, Hassler, Luboff, Mulholland, Parker, Pinkham, Poulenc and Foss. The December concert is performed at the River Terrace Church, East Lansing. The spring concert is performed at the University Lutheran Church in East Lansing.  Membership is achieved through audition.

The ACGL has been fortunate to employ Judy Kabodian as pianist/organist/accompanist. Judy’s accompanying skills go hand in hand with her ability to coach singers and to respond to any musical needs of the ensemble.

Current board members include:

Conductor: Dale Bartlett Accompanist: Judy Kabodian
Manager: Carole Marvin Secretary: Lois Brennan
Treasurer: John O'Doherty Librarian: Barb Fuller